WPEngine WordPress Hosting Review 2016

Summary Review of WPEngine WordPress Hosting 2016

WP Engine is a WordPress dedicated hosting service that provides everything you want from a hosting company including those services you probably never even thought about.

WP Engine and WordPress

If you work in the market for website design and development, WordPress should be near the top of your list for website platform. WordPress makes up almost 40% of all websites using CMS technologies, with over 25% of the top 10k websites world-wide are built on WordPress.[1]

Unfortunately, not many people care enough to know how to fully bring WordPress into its fullest capability. If you are a web developer and trying to start a WordPress website, ask yourself couple of questions as the following:

  1. Will my website be easy to manage?
  2. What would be the loss when your WordPress website gets hacked?

WP Engine Get You More than What You Pay For

Have you ever heard of people saying “you get what you pay for?” But, this is not always the case with WP Engine. While we were skeptic about the value of its starting price of $29 (we were actually quoted for over 50 times the starting price for our use), but what you get is more than what you pay.

We have tried over 17 other hosting companies, including some of the major brands like GoDaddy, Host Monster, iPage, and all these cheap hosting services recommended by those review sites with “top 10,” “top 20,” “top whatever” titles listed on Google searches. We were once very naïve to actually believe what those affiliate review sites that just says everything is good with very marginal differences.

Don’t be fooled by the starting prices that are 5 to 10 times cheaper compared to WP Engine. You will get what you really pay for with those services at the best.

Did you know most WordPress issues are caused by the mismanagement of the WordPress[2] itself and the web server people host their websites. One research reveals that most common cause of WordPress hacking is caused by the following:[3]

Website Vulnerability

  • 41% gets hacked due to the issues with hosting platform
  • 29% gets hacked due to using an insecure theme
  • 22% gets hacked due to using vulnerable plugins
  • 8% from using a poor password

According to one source of data [4], less than 40% of WordPress websites are running on older versions of WordPress and over 40% of PHP is still running on a version that is out of support. [5]

WP Engine not only provides a full support, it also takes care of your server to a fully managed level, which will normally require a web server admin to do the same job at much higher price than what you would pay for your hosting service with WP Engine.

WP Engine Key Features

Fully managed development environment

WP Engine Staging WordPress Backend

You can always take a snapshot of your website and work on updates and upgrades from a copy with a click of a button. Afraid not, you can now click that “Upgrade” button with a confidence when you run maintenance on your website.

WP Engine Security and Performance Optimization

WP Engine Utilities
click for full screenshot view

You can password protect both the production and stating website while you are working on the update or maintenance. You can also reset file permissions for all files you upload via FTP to ensure all the permissions are set properly.

In addition, you can fully control the caching for your WordPress websites. Enabling the object caching feature will make your website to load faster contributing to your SEO.

WP Engine SSL Certificate

Even with the starter account, “personal plan,” WP Engine offers free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt™ certificates based on domain validation. With this, you can enjoy improved security of your WordPress.

User Management

WP Engine Hosting User Management

When you outsource part of your work or have other team members work on the project you can easily create a restricted access for them.

Automated Backup

WP Engine Backup Staging

Even with the production and staging service mode, accidents can always happen. Rest assured with the automated backup service from WP Engine.

Search Engine Optimization

WP Engine Redirect Management

Not only WP Engine provides a tool to migrate your WordPress website from any other hosting to WP Engine, but it also offers advanced page redirect tools that you can use without having to install another plugin.

Conclusion and Why WP Engine Stands as the Best WordPress Hosting Platform WPMaster Recommends

So, what’s holding you back? If you are an experienced developer or a new to the field, we all know how important it is to securely run your website. Perfect your professionalism with production and staging site feature to manage your updates and with the full backup, should any worst situation happens, you can be back in business in minutes.

Now, press that “update” button without any fear of breaking your website.

Protect your form input data with the SSL, use the object caching feature that you actually understand to speed up your website. Always be up to date with your server settings managed by WP Engine without having to worry about patching or updating your PHP, MySQL, and any other web service modules on your server.

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