WordPress Slider Review 2016

Slider plugin is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress. There are many websites using a photo slider to display featured contents, but do you remember any of the contents you saw on the slider from the last website you visited? Or, do you remember any types of slider from the websites you visited?

Let’s discover what slider is the one you really want for improving your website’s visual and capture visitors’ attention.

Summary of 2016 WordPress Slider Plugin Review

In this review, we found the most effective way to use slider is to use it as a gallery or background slider to provide a refreshed look of the website while people are on the website.
The background slider gallery plugin provides the solution with the following key features:

  1. Display ratio option allows website visitors to switch the photo ratio between full size and original ratio
  2. Thumbnail navigation
  3. Contents placement with a complete freedom of hyperlink to other pages or websites

The display ratio option solves the dilemma of web designers wanting to make the website look beautiful, but the photographer or the actual business wanting to display the original photo.
The thumbnail navigation is a very nice feature when this plugin is used for gallery display purposes.

People can find all the photos in the gallery easily and change the slide instantly.
The content placement feature along with the hyperlink options allows users to use the plugin even as a portfolio gallery.

Why Full Width Background Slider is Better

If you answered “no” to our initial question asking if you remember any of the contents that were displayed on the slider of the website you visited the last, you are with the most of us including myself.

Let’s admit that it is not a very effective way of displaying your contents or specials. Perhaps, you should consider avoiding the homepage slider as it may negatively impact your website. [1]

So, should we not use any slider? Our answer is “no” because there is actually a slider that does more good than the bad. Have you heard of a saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words?”

WordPress slider plugins are among the most popular plugin for WordPress websites. It is important to capture website visitor’s attention and it is very clear many researches show visual display plays a critical role in drawing attention.

We find many WordPress themes setup using amazing photos in demo and most contemporary websites are not much different in terms of the website structure. As there are more and more people being connected to the internet with high speed connection, usage of high quality photo no longer keeps visitors waiting for minutes until it is loaded.

[1] https://www.nngroup.com/articles/auto-forwarding/