Why Do I need a Logo?

We always recommend having a logo for your business or for your portfolio. This helps in many ways of marketing and branding.

Why Your Business Needs a Great Logo

Having a logo allows the business, company or individual to look established. Well-designed logos will portray a professional reputation. Also, people may be attracted to the look and feel of your logo. If it’s well-designed, then they can think that the business, company or individual pays attention and has a sense of design.

Including your logo on your project proposal, contract, business card, artwork, signature, etc., will allow people to correlate your logo

Branding. Having a logo will help you to build your brand and trust.

If you have a logo, you may be ahead of the game. It helps your characterize your brand from the other players in the game.

Whether if it’s a graphic, text (business name or acronym), a well-thought out logo helps people to understand and associate your brand to your products and services.

Because everyone else has a logo. In certain industries, a logo is a must. If you don’t have one…just have a logo as soon as possible.

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