How to set an Excerpt in WordPress

Where is the Excerpt?

By default the excerpt area is not visible in the post panel. You will need to look for the “Screen Options” button at the top of your screen, and then make sure to check the “Excerpt” checkbox.

wordpress screen options

wordpress excerpt

How to use the WordPress excerpt?

After the “Excerpt” box is checked, scroll down the admin panel of your post and you will see a text area to place your custom excerpt. By default when you publish a post, the excerpt is shown on most page views, sometimes including the front page. However, often times theme developers will use the excerpt field to strategically place content. For example, in our theme Japonesa, the excerpt field is used to place a description under the main title of the post.

excerpt box

excerpt front end example

There are multiple ways to use the excerpt in WordPress, but before making any customization to the theme structure, it’s always recommended to create a child theme first. Keep in mind the default length of an except is only 55 characters. You might wish to increase the length, depending on the purpose of your theme. In the case for our theme Japonesa, there is an unlimited character limit.