How to Properly Format and Compress Images in WordPress

One of the biggest things that can bog down your website loading speed is image size. The trick is trying to optimize your images while keeping a decent quality. One of the most basic things we can do is upload our images in Photoshop and “save for web”. But going beyond that, we’ve found a great plugin that compresses even further.

ShortPixel – WordPress Image Compressor

If you’re concerned about your Google’s Pagespeed Insight score, ShortPixel will provide a solution to clearing all “optimize image” errors. ShortPixel is essentially a plug-n-play plugin. All of the default options are good enough for you to just hit run. If you require optimization in sub folders, it also has that option as well.

For the sake of keeping this as simple as possible, install ShortPixel on your WordPress site and run it. You will see a significant change in your website loading speed. That’s how we do it – go ahead, give it a shot!