WP Master Widget for FontAwesome Icons, Images, Texts, and Titles

The WP Master Widget allows users to easily create images, title elements, texts, and FontAwesome Icons on the fly.
Users can easily arrange the order they display, enclose images, icons, and or title elements in a hyperlink with an option to open in a new window.

Display FontAwesome Icons, Images, Texts, and Titles on WordPress sidebars

Make FontAwesome Icons

Select from the latest list of FontAwesome Icons. You can embed the icon and change size, color, margin, and make hyperlink.

WordPress Widget for FontAwsome Icons

Do Simple Image/Photo Animation

Using a easy user interface for image or photo widgets, you can create a simple animation for your WordPress sidebar.

The image feature uses the default WordPress Media Uploader to load the image then you can make it a hyperlink, style the color, size, hover effects and more.

Featuring Title Element and Text Area

You can vertically order images and icons in between multiple texts and or title fields. You can also style each of these element separately and make them a hyperlink.

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