A new way to make a WordPress Portfolio Gallery

I’ve used a lot of different WordPress portfolio gallery plugins and I can tell you that the iCanwp Portfolio Gallery has given me the easiest experience. All the free portfolio gallery plugins I tried were too basic and couldn’t fulfill my needs. The premium WordPress portfolio plugins were often way too confusing and required some sort of math to calculate the dimensions of each image.

What sold me on this WordPress Portfolio Gallery

What sold me on the iCanWP Portfolio Gallery for WordPress was the drag-n-drop style portfolio creator. Literally all I had to do was upload my images and drag the corners of the image to resize them in the back end. Whatever shapes I created with my mouse in the back end, showed perfectly on the front end. This is a real “what you see is what you get” type of portfolio creator.

Of course it comes with many other options and features such as lightbox, different hover animations and colors, etc. I’m happy to say this was the first premium plugin I’ve purchased that didn’t have a learning curve but still had all the features I needed.

I totally recommend iCanWP WordPress Portfolio Gallery. You can view the live demos and all the details here.