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5 Tips to Starting your Online Business

1. Brainstorm & Seek
Think about what consumers are looking for and actually buying. Research and collect data. If there’s competition, seek what stands out about your product and service.

2. Detailed and Systematic Plan
Plan for setbacks. Have a “Plan B, C, D,… Z.” Anything can happen and expect it to happen.

3. Budget Wisely, Seriously
Overestimate costs. It allows for more room, more flexibility when you have to deal with issues. Find ways to save. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

4. Aim for Improvement – Always have a Target
Set goals, short-term and long-term. Always come up with things to improve on. Get feedback from customers/clients, colleagues, team members, etc.

5. Teamwork
Surround yourself with smart people. Book smart or street smart, or all of the above. Most of the time, it can be easier and grow if you have a strong team.

Business Data and Research

The “Legal” Stuff | Better Safe than Sorry

This is a given one. Regardless of what your website does, you should always include a notice about copyright and trademark. For example, “Copyright © 2017.”

Privacy Policy
If you are collecting any information from your customers (such as email addresses or credit card information), you need to have a privacy policy on your website.

It is legally required. This outlines how information will be used or not used. Check out Yahoo’s privacy policy for a good example. (Ironic right?)

Including a basic disclaimer on and throughout your website helps you to exclude your liability from errors on your website. We recommend including a general one on your website and maybe even in articles/posts when appropriate.

Generally, it’s a clause that says you can’t be held responsible for any errors in content. Better safe than sorry.

Importance of Company Business Logo

Why is there a “Business” section?

Good Question. We’ve worked and teamed up with clients from various fields. From multi-location restaurant owners to well renowned doctors.

Since we’re a startup (okay not really since we’ve been doing this for almost 10 years – we just act and think like a startup), we’ve provided consultations from our experiences as well learning from established businesses and companies.

We’re here to provide helpful guidance to questions such as:

  • Is it better to sell my products/services on my own website or a third party such as Amazon?
  • How hard is it to setup a payment gateway on my website?
  • What is a payment gateway?
  • What is SWOT Analysis?

We want to be able to provide juicy advice that will guide you to make a decision on your own. We will not tell you what’s wrong or what’s right. (Read our disclaimer here, haha.)

Why do you need a business plan or three?

Because. You just do. If you’re on our website and don’t have a business plan, feel free to browse our website for future tips.

  • Know, understand and research more on your product/service compared to the trend and supply and demand.
  • Test your products/services. If it fails, make it work.
  • So you can find methods to grow your business. Find the passion to genuinely care about your products/services.


These guides are for informational purposes only, and do not constitute professional legal advice. Please consult independent legal advice for information specific to your country and circumstances.

Again, is not liable to you in any way for your use or reliance on these guides.