Affordable Logo Maker

Having a logo for your website or brand is extremely important. If you need to be reminded on why it’s important to have a logo, see our article here.

So you want a nice logo, but you don’t have the budget to hire a quality logo designer.
If you’ve been trying to find other solutions, you must have found already. It’s a marketplace for freelancers and it can be great for some services, but with logos it’s really hit or miss. It’s flooded with “designers” who just copy/paste clip art and chances are you’ll waste your time.

Don’t worry, we have good news! We’ve discovered two super simple and affordable logo makers.

Graphic Spring

First is They have a bunch of pre-designed logos for a variety of industries which you can edit. Once you decided on a logo design and purchase it, they remove it from their website so nobody can ever have the same logo as you. Pricing starts at $19.99 – how do you beat that?

Tailor Brands

Next we have They’re a little different from Graphic Spring because they don’t have pre-designed logos. First you choose your logo style (letters, icon, etc) then you choose between a series of font styles to get your “style”. After you’ve gone through their simple preference picker, it will auto generate modern looking logos that you can edit and choose from. As for prices, they have monthly subscriptions for customer who need new logos regularly. They also have a per-logo price, which varies so you’ll have to try their logo generator to find out!

We know finding an affordable logo isn’t easy. We hope this helps some of you.